05-OCt-2004 *sigh* Version 0.27b released.
  New inclusions are:
  -Fixed mouse handling bug when ALT-Tabbing away from ArcadEPIC
  -Improved scrolling speed.
04-Oct-2004 Version 0.26b released.
  New inclusions are:
  -Added NPLAYERS.INI support
  -Added HISTORY.DAT support
  -Added rudimentary Joystick support *untested*
  -Added ability to customize Game Info box
  -Rewritten DirectX code to try fix Alt-TAB priority issues
27-Sep-2004 Added some Vertical Layout Screenshots.
27-Sep-2004 Version 0.25b released.
  New inclusions are:
  -Fix for Selection bar bug
  -Added advanced options to Configurator
  -Fixed Daphne Rom List Bug
24-Sep-2004 Version 0.24b released.
  New inclusions are:
  -Legacy MAME Support
  -Command Button to Switch to Jukebox
  -Vertical Monitor Layout Support
  -CATVER.INI Implemented
  -Quick List Filtering through Front End
  -Yet more bug fixes
24-Sep-2004 ArcadEPIC Forum launched.
14-Sep-2004 Version 0.22b released.
  New inclusions are:
  -Remembers Last Rom when reloading ArcadEPIC
  -Fixed Scroll Speed jumping on slower PCs
  -Removed Taskbar visibility when launching Roms
  -Implemented basic Trackball/Mouse support
  -Improved Stability
  -Improved Keyset Utility so that keys aren't pressed too fast
09-Sep-2004 Version 0.21b released. Includes improved stablity and several bugfixes.
07-Sep-2004 Version 0.2b, First public version of ArcadEPIC released.